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uPros Golf GPS Review: Your guide on the green that is never wrong!

uPro Golf GPS by Callway Golf: Your Guide to the Green

Golf is a hard enough game without trying to figure out how the course is set up, and that’s why the uPro Golf GPS by Callaway Golf is such a handy little gadget, giving all the information you need on the green, right at your fingertips. With the ability to instantly call up all the details of thousands of different courses, on a beautiful, clear 2.2-inch high-resolution screen, you’ll never be lost on the courses again. Good news if you are looking to buy this – you can currently get this GPS with a $100 rebate at Amazon here.

upro gps gps Just what kind of help does the uPro Golf GPS provide? Well, first, it can give you aerial and satellite views of whatever hole you’re on, and then starts pointing you towards any dangers around the course, including sand traps, water, even the flagpole. It also provides you every view of the course you will ever need, from dozens of different angles, and comes with SmartView technology that will make sure your shot will clear all those hazards and water, and even features a distance tracker that allows you to pick out the perfect club for each shot.

With so much to think about while golfing, you don’t want to have to worry about carrying around a bulky piece of equipment, so luckily, the uPro Golf GPS provides you all of its fun features, in a compact shape. You can simply stick it in your pocket, or belt holster, and not even notice it’s there. You can charge it at any wall plug or USB port, but with its heavy-duty, rechargeable lithium-ion battery, you probably won’t need to.

Want to buy this Golf GPS Device? You can get it cheap at Amazon through this link. It’s on sale and also has a $100 mail in rebate.

Need some quick info on your next course? Just plug your uPro Golf GPS into any computer, whether it’s Mac or PC, head over to uPro’s website, and download all the info you’ll need on any golf course in the US, right on to the device. It even helps you find out which courses are closest to you! No additional software is required, and you can choose between two different modes, Basic and Pro, making it a device any type of golfer will be lucky to own.


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GPS Golf Guru Grayscale GPS Review: The best GPS on the market for many reasons…

Golf Guru Grayscale GPS Device Review

What makes the GPS Golf Guru Grayscale GPS Unit so great is that it is lightweight and portable, plus it is easy to use, offers great features, free courses, and adds an extra bit of accuracy to my game. This GPS is currently the most popular GPS on Amazon and is on sale for $50 off through this link.

guru-golf-gps The lightest golf GPS on the market

The GPS Golf Guru Grayscale GPS Unit weighs in at around 3.6 ounces, and is considered to be the most compact device on the market, which also makes it ideal for carrying with you on your golfing excursions. But despite its light weight, it packs a punch by way of accuracy and excellent features. It has a marking feature to measure shot distances; it can map greens, and measure the full body of the playing green (including any hazards); and can hold up to 40 mapped courses at any given time. It also offers the option of mapping your own golf courses without having to become a member of anything, or ever having to pay extra fees; however, you will also be provided with unlimited downloads of over 10,000 pre-existing courses.

For a clear and easy presentation of details this device has a 160 x 128 pixel screen, and a single-handed operation with a comfortable design that allows you to operate the unit with just your thumbs. It also has excellent durability, is water resistant, and has a long working life, as it has a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 14 hours. In addition to all of its built-in features, this device comes with several useful accessories, such as a USB cable and AC wall charger, and a Quick Start guide to get you familiar with the unit. You can also purchase holsters, car and solar chargers, and an additional three year warranty.

Want to get this GPS for cheap? I recommend you buy from Amazon here because they always have the lowest prices.

What makes this unit such an excellent option is that it promises reliability; this USA manufactured device has golfers raving; has well recognized patents; is made by the original rangefinder manufacturers, and it is automatically backed by a one year warranty. So if you are looking for a rangefinder that is small but tough; easy to understand, easy to see, and can help improve your golf game, than this is definitely the unit for you.


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SkyCaddie SG5 Golf GPS: One of the better Golf GPS devices. My Review.

SkyCaddie SG5 Golf GPS Review

skycaddie-sg5 The SkyCaddie SG5 Golf GPS is like having the world’s best caddie with you on every golf course. It really is a necessity for those golfers that want to have all the right course information in order to optimize their game. Out of all the GPS devices that I have reviewed, this unit is one of the best ones you can get. Looking to buy this GPS? It is currently on sale at Amazon for $100 off through this link.

Unsurpassed in dependability with its Swiss engineering, this device is accurate to less than two yards. The large color display works well indoors or out. The long lasting battery allows for fourteen hours of use without needing a recharge. The SkyCaddie SG5 Golf GPS not only will let you know how many yards you are from the pin it will let you know so much more. You can see how many yards of minimum carry you need to reach the green. How far it is to the back of the green. There is a hole in play indicator in case you can not remember what hole you are playing. Fairway targets are also indicating to help you set up for the next shot.

The SkyCaddie SG5 Golf GPS uses a patented technology called Intelligreen. This allows the golfer to have a birds eye view of the green from any angle of approach. To take complete advantage of this technology golfers sign up for three different plans with varying level of access depending on how many courses you want to play and store into memory. Membership in a plan is not mandatory. If the course you are playing is not available you can record green information manually very easily.

You can get this GPS cheap through Amazon here. It is currently on sale for $100 off.

Don’t worry about the weather messing it up! This Golf GPS is completely waterproof (just in case.) It weights a mere five and one half ounces. The overall size is comparable to a smart phone. It clips easily to your belt or golf bag. This truly is a must have device that should be added to your golf arsenal.


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GolfLogix GPS Review: The favorite golf GPS amongst many golfers.

GolfLogix GPS Review

golflogic-gps-garminWho says GPS devices are just for automobiles? Well, a great many people think this but that is not an accurate assessment as evidenced by the development of the GolfLogix GPS system. This is a brilliant handheld device that can add a great benefit to any and every golf game that you take part in. Looking to buy the GolfLogix? It is currently on sale at Amazon for 25% off through this link.

Specifically, this device has the ability to analyze and display all dimensions of a golf green as well as the hazards that may be present. This can certainly enhance one’s ability to play the game since it ensures that the golfer will always have a clear idea of the environment in which he is playing. That alone can make the game a lot easier to take part in.

Make no mistakes this is an excellent GPS mapping device that is extremely precise and easy to use. The somewhat compact device is designed for easy handheld use and even those who do not consider themselves “techies” can operate the Golflogix GPS system with relative ease. There are no complicated operating instructions and you will find the system working for you within minutes after the initial purchase.

One of the best features of this device is its brilliant on-screen display. The screen is crystal clear and highly detailed. This means that you will never have any difficulty deciphering what is presented on the screen. This, in turn, means you will always have a proverbial edge on those whom you will be competing against on the field.

Looking to buy this GPS? I highly recommend you buy from Amazon. It is currently on sale for 25% off through this link. Hurry though because it is a limited time sale.
In short, this is an excellent GPS system for those that love the game of golf. Those looking to always be clearly aware of their surroundings and golf green environment will surely find this a valuable item.


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WARNING* Read this: The Garmin Approach G5 Golf GPS Review

WARNING* Read this: The Garmin Approach G5 Golf GPS Review

The Garmin Approach G5 Golf GPS comes preloaded with U.S. golf course maps so that you can use it right out of the box. One of the nice aspects of using a Garmin Golf GPS is that there are no annual fees associated with their products.

The preloaded U.S. golf course maps that come on the Garmin Approach G5 may be just one of the many features on this great device, but it sure is one of the more spectacular ones. The ability to simply take the GPS out of your golf bag, turn it on, and have information about fairways, greens, and hazards all at the touch of a button is what sets Garmin Golf GPS apart from the rest.

You can buy this GPS cheap online on through this link here.

GPS Features

  • Rugged, waterproof golf GPS unit with 3-inch sunlight-readable touchsreen display
  • Preloaded U.S. course maps, including fairways, hazards, and greens
  • No annual fee; new maps available for download from
  • Measure shot distance with highly sensitive readings to eliminate guesswork from your game
  • Digital scorecard for up to four players; save and review the scores on your computer at home

There is no doubt that many golfers like the fact that this Golf GPS is waterproof and is very durable in almost any situation. Since most golfers like to keep their GPS systems in their golf bags, they tend to receive a little more wear and tear than they probably should, which is why you need a unit that can stand up to just about anything. The touch screen LCD display also provides for great usability, as information is usually just one menu away.

Garmin also has a great program set up on their website where you can simply hook your GPS up to your computer and download information on all of the new courses that Garmin recently updated. As the GPS comes loaded with a great deal of courses already, you’ll want to get the updates just to keep your GPS up-to-date with any changes to local courses that might have occurred since the last time you played there.

The price you will pay for the Garmin Approach G5 Golf GPS is minuscule compared to the amount of useful data that you will draw from its database. With a plethora of features that a person will find absolutely amazing, this is one Golf GPS system that you cannot do without.