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My EasyBackupWizard Review – Is This The Best Wii Backup Manager?

Hey everyone! We’ve talked a lot about copying and backing up your Wii games so far, so I wanted to give my thoughts on what I think is the best software to use for backing up your Wii games.

I’ve tried a number of backup managers over the past year, all of which were either too limited in features, too expensive, or just flat out didn’t work.

Just recently I stumbled onto EasyBackupWizard… I was instantly hooked…

Easy Backup Wizard WiiThe main reason I like EasyBackupWizard over the competing Wii game backup software is that it works on not only the Wii, but on Xbox, Xbox 360, PS3, Gamecube, your PC, and even Dreamcast!

Instead of having to buy multiple softwares, you can use this all-in-one solution to do it all for you.

The other reason I like this software is because it doesn’t mess up the copy at all. What I’ve found with some software is that half the time it creates bad copies making the game unplayable.

With EasyBackupWizard, you never have to worry about bad copies again.

( By the way, If you want to get EasyBackupWizard, you can download it here )

Another cool feature of EBW is that you can also copy video DVDs… and you can even make DVD videos by uploading video files right from your computer.

Have some videos you backed up on your computer but want to watch at a friends house? EBW solves that problem for you!

You won’t find anything cheaper than this…

I’ve scoured the internet for something cheaper that works this well, and have met nothing but failure.  There is only one other Wii game copy software that works as well, however it’s twice the price and only works on the Wii.

Fortunately for you, you can get EasyBackupWizard for 50% off here.

Check it out, I think you will enjoy the results 🙂

The Wii Master


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How to Backup and Play Your Wii Games – Wii Backup Tips

Before you can backup your Wii games, you have to make sure that your computer can recognize the Wii programming. Your computer may not be able to do this on its own. Because of this, you will need to get a special recognition program that can allow your computer to see the Wii files. You can normally get Wii recognition programs from Wii video game Web sites (here’s a review of my favorite).

After you have downloaded and installed the program, you will need to insert the Wii disc into your DVD or CD drive. This will activate the program. A window may pop up on your computer screen requiring you to download a program before you can continue. After you have followed these instructions, you will be able to save the Wii game information onto your hard drive. You can save this information on your computer, burn it onto a different disc, or save that information on an SD card.

After you have finished saving the information, you will need to remove the Wii disc. Before you can play the game that you just backed up, you will need to modify the hardware of your Wii. There are two ways to do this. You can open your Wii console and place a chip inside the game that will be able to recognize your back up games. However, there is an easier option that you can use.

You can download a software called EasyBackupWizard (Check out my review of it here) which will allow you to copy your Wii game without the need to install any hardware.

Once you copy the game, insert it into the Wii and restart. After you have restarted the Wii, you should be able to select the disc channel and load your backup game.


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The Easiest Way To Backup Wii Games Just In Case You Lose Them…

Nintendo doesn’t want you playing copies of their games on your Wii. They want you to buy them and there certainly is nothing wrong with that. The problem is, things can happen to make it unplayable. Then you need to buy the game again. This just doesn’t seem fair.

Fortunately, there are ways to keep playing your favorite Wii games even if they get lost or scratched. Of course getting this kind of protection for your games can cost a bit of money but, once you have paid for it, you can use it to protect all your Wii games.

Wii Modchipping

Buying a modchip will enable you to play Wii games that are backed up on a blank DVD using almost any burning or copying software. The chip authenticates the DVD as a legitimate Wii disk even though it is not.

*Warning* There are a few risks with taking this approach.
First, you need to open the Wii in order to install the chip. Opening the Wii voids the warranty so if something happens, you will need to buy a new Wii or pay to get it fixed. The second issue that can happen is with the chip itself. They are not all built to the same standards and getting an inferior chip means that it will fail and need to be replaced sooner rather than later. Finally, even when the chip is of good quality and installed correctly, you can’t install the Wii updates when they happen. Personally, I don’t recommend you even bother with mod chips as it’s a shady business.


A better approach is called softmodding. You use a special software application to copy the game leaving no chip to buy and install so all of the risks associated with that option are eliminated. The downside is, you won’t be able to use free versions of burning or copying software to make the backups. You will need to buy software with the ability to bypass the authentication coding in the game during the copying process.

There are a several reputable software packages that can make softmodded backups safely. One of my favorite software backup managers is called Eazy Backup Wizard – I wrote a review on it that you should read here.


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2 Simple Ways to Copy Your Wii Games For Backup

Every Wii game you buy is an investment. You should protect that investment by making backup copies of all your games. There are really only a couple ways to copy Wii games that works. One requires and investment in hardware and the other an investment in software. While both are proven effective methods, the first method carries considerably more risks.

The Wii Modchip

The big advantage to using a modchip is that any ripping software will be enough to copy Wii games and play them. The cost of a modchip starts at about $25 and goes up from there. There are plenty of free burning software products to choose from and most are quite good. The risk is with the Wii itself.

*WARNING* Know the risks that comes with installing a modchip…

Once the Wii console is opened, the warranty is void. Incorrectly installed modchips have been known to damage the Wii beyond repair. Installing firmware updates to the Wii is no longer an option because the update will detect the modchip and disable the console.

The Wii Softmod

The currently recommended way to copy or backup Wii games is called “softmod.” There is no hardware to buy or install, everything is done with software. You can continue to update your Wii and it will still be covered by the warranty.

The cost comes with buying the right software. The price for such software starts at around $40. There are several proven options but I only have experience with these 3 products:

All of these were easy to use and the copies worked great.
While the upfront cost may be a little higher with the softmod approach, it is much better in the long run. You can continue to play online with the softmod game copies. Your Wii remains in factory condition so it is still covered by the warranty. If you decide to take your games to someplace else to play, you don’t also have to take your Wii console because they will play on any Wii, even one that has a modchip installed.

If you are interested in purchasing softmod software, check out my review of Eazy Backup Wizard here.


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Burn Wii Games In Under 60 Seconds With These Tips

Most people would think it was impossible to burn Wii games in under 60 seconds, but it’s actually relatively simple. With the right software and system configuration, it’s very easy to copy and play burned Wii games, although it does require some preparation.

Learn how to burn Wii games in under 60 seconds with these tips:

Before even downloading or burning a Wii game image, it is imperative to understand the most important prerequisite in playing burned Nintendo Wii games. While it is true that Wii games are light on size and easy to download, the console requires a manual upgrade with cracked software to allow the Nintendo Wii to read burned disks. Fortunately, it is easy to download such software on the Internet.


    • Players will also need a copy of the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess to get this mod to work well. Since the game’s release, the price has been drastically marked down, so it shouldn’t be hard to get a copy.


    • Make sure to have a computer with an SD card reader on-board, or buy an attachment for a computer that can read FAT16 memory cards.


    • In addition, players will also need a EasyBackupWizard SD Card Installer, which can be downloaded from the Internet with a quick Google search.


    • Simply use the EasyBackupWizard SD Card Installer and load up the install directly onto the FAT16 card. Insert both the Zelda game and the SD card into the CD drive and SD memory card slot on the Wii respectively.


    • Go into the Wii memory management menu and erase the Zelda game data, then switch over to the SD card with the tab and copy the Twilight Hack chainloader onto the console.


    • Simply run Twilight Princess and open the main savefile, this will load the on-board hack’s installer.


    • Utilizing a DVD image-burning software package, easily copy the images of Wii games by putting them directly onto the computer. Make a direct copy onto a blank disk with the software, and burn in under 60 seconds.


  • Insert the disk and play the backup! Enjoy!

I know this all sounds complicated which I why I recommend you check out EazyBackupWizard to do it all for you. You won’t have to worry about all these steps.